Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Last week Thursday I left for vacation in Chicago. I didn't take any Mentos with me because I told myself I was going to try and wean myself from Mentos. You see I have been noticing that I have been acting like an addict. I buy cartons of Mentos at the dollar store and hide them in my car, in my work bag, in my purse and under my bed. I eat a carton a day and hide the wrappers in the couch and store them in my work bag and dump them at work so my family will not notice how much of them I am eating. I used to buy 3 cartons (36 rolls) on Sundays to last me the week but invariably I am out of them by Wednesday. I have tried on many occasions to "quit" but again and again I go back.

Today I feel sick from eating too many Mentos. On Monday I bought 2 packs of 4 Mentos. I ate one pack Monday night. I saved one package of 4 rolls for Tuesday but on my ride in to work I ate the entire 4 rolls. At work I needed more so I went to the Cafe on our building and bought 3 rolls. I finished these by 11 AM and had to wait until lunch to get more. I got my sandwich at the Cafe and bought 4 more rolls of Mentos. On my way home I bought another 4 rolls of Mentos. The attendant at the Cafe said he had to buy it by the carton so he will have enough!! I was embarrassed but not enough to stop buying them. I decided instead of going back on Wednesday I went to Costco and bought a carton of 20 rolls and promised that would last me the week. Today, Wednesday, I am totally out of Mentos!! My stomach hurts and is distended. I would forgo food to eat Mentos. I feel like there is no way to live without them.

Today I have decided to find all my stash of Mentos and eat ALL of them because tomorrow I am quitting "cold turkey". I am really going to try this...


  1. Oh goodness. I know this is an old post, but maybe... JUST MAYBE you will get this...

    Were you able to stop cold turkey?! I swear I could have written this myself. I buy the 6-packs of Mentos 3 or 4 at a time. I can eat 24 rolls of Mentos in a 3-day time span. Today, I have eaten the most I've ever consumed in one day.... an astonishing EIGHT rolls of Mentos.

    I seriously need help. I CRAVE Mentos constantly and would forgo food to have Mentos instead. Also love to chew on ice... right after eating a Mentos mint. YUM!


  3. I eat 3 rolls of !emtos per day :( And it's going worst...

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  5. I have same problem I eat 22 a box every 3 days. I have done dangerous things to get them. I run out of mentos before cigarettes. Its taken over my life for past 2 years. I am addicted. I eat them doing everything. I crave it like its drugs.

  6. Me too!!! I am addicted to mentos and I Googled it as a joke to see if there was anyone else out there.

    1. just like you, i just googled it now only to find that im not alone. i think there is something in it that causes addiction. Help